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It was 1944 A.D, February 20th, Sunday noon many persons had assembled in the very Sacred God Shrine of the house Dambethar, Pilinja Sub-Vital Mudnoor Village and Post, Bantwal Taluk, South Canara District / Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, India.


That time each one was experiencing the Devotional space by worshipping at that Shrine to bless for a trouble free labor & to have a Divine child for Smt. Laxmi & Sri Narayan Nayak. When the worship was completed & the Prasadam were ready to distribute to the Devotees and exactly at this time Smt. Laxmi delivered the child very close to the shrine of the God. At the time of the birth the Devotees were prompted to sing the devotional chants at shrine while the holy bells rang with the ambiance filled up with sacred touch.


The parents decided to name the child as THEERTHA according to the suggestion of Cheluvakka, who is the cousin sister of Swami. As the child was born exactly at the time of distributing the Theertha Prasadam at the shrine. Right since the birth the nature of the child was unpredictable by humans as Swami possessed extraordinary powers and the scholars predicted through the horoscope that this child will be like a Sun at the dawn and a Moon at twilight to people.