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Meditation is the Primary basis of Education:

Swami conveys that primary and higher education which I obtained through the studies of various Schools, Colleges and Universities arrives casually by practicing meditation. This is because with regular practice of meditation we find inner strength and power by which one can acquire the knowledge and the spirit of education effortlessly.

The constant meditation activates the mind positively by growing them with concentration & enhancing the memory to such an extent that one need not put much time and effort as they naturally get the art of getting hold of the Knowledge through various sources. It was Swami’s experiences that He as engrossed in meditation till the commencement of His examination in earlier days, Swami realized to put the least effort in practicing through reading and writing.

This is the advantage of the Spirituality and meditation which helped Him to secure PhD in mathematics and Swami utilizes His knowledge by giving valuable discourses on essence of all religion through Vedas, Upanishads, Bible, Quran etc. People who has experienced being with Swami says that they can find immense differences in them and Swami, that makes Swami unique in His own way and since Swami follows sincerely the “The Deep Spiritual path” hence Swami occurs both as Scientist and Saint.